Needs may change as the years pass, and you and your former spouse may need to modify the terms of your dissolution of marriage. This may include the need to modify child support, visitation, custody, spousal support or alimony agreements. It is important that you utilize a knowledgeable and skilled Family Law attorney with these matters. You can receive a consultation and the help you need by contacting a Kissimmee or Melbourne divorce lawyer at The Bostick Law Firm.

Obtaining a modification of a post-dissolution of marriage action involves several important steps. First, the party that is requesting a modification has the burden to prove to the court that there is a substantial change in circumstances to warrant a change to terms. For instance, a loss of employment or substantial change in pay may require a modification of child support.  This may also affect alimony agreements as well if the other spouse is capable of being self-supporting.  Finally, you may want a modification to timesharing. To modify timesharing, you must prove factors such as a substantial change in the child's home environment.  Lastly, a petition a relocate which would relocat the child more than 50 miles away from his/her current home may create a need for a modification.  


Regardless of the changes you seek to the terms of your divorce, The Bostick Law Firm, P.A. is ready to help you. We understand that the needs of both spouses and children can change substantially. With our extensive experience in family law matters, you can rest assured that we will work diligently towards your best interest and protect your legal rights. Assistance with your divorce modification is available to you now. Contact a Kissimmee or Melbourne divorce modification attorney at The Bostick Law Firm today.