When a husband or a wife is served considering filing for divorce or defending themselves once a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed, his/her attorney will need to address both the legal and emotional aspects of the case.

The same is true when the parties are looking to make post-decree changes to the Final Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage due to a change in circumstances - to change custody or parenting time, to modify child support or maintenance, to request additional contribution to the children’s living and educational expenses, to remove the minor children from Florida, or to enforce a prior order due to an ex-spouse’s non-compliance.

It is important that you are comfortable with your attorney. The initial consultation is the opportunity to see if a good relationship can be established and to guarantee that you feel comfortable on a personal level with your attorney.

Contact The Bostick Law Firm to discuss your legal rights and options related to your divorce, including, but not limited to:

  • Initial filing of the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage
  • Custody
  • Parenting Time/Visitation
  • Alimony
  • Property Division
  • Disclosure of Assets
  • Domestic Violence
  • Enforcement of Prior Orders & Judgments
  • Modifications
  • Contribution to Extracurricular Expenses, Uninsured Medical Expenses, Daycare Expenses, Medical Premiums, College Expenses
  • Contribution to Attorneys’ Fees