Child Support Modification


The State of Florida uses a system known as the Child Support Guidelines Worksheet when determining child support for the children of couples who are no longer together. Financial payments are established in order to meet the basic needs of a child whose parents are not in a relationship. A parent's support obligations will be based on factors such as the financial resources of each parent, child care, health care, and any mental health needs of the child.

When matters of finance substantially change, it is very possible that child support payments may need to be modified as well. If one parent suffers the loss of a job, for example, they may no longer be able to make the same financial contribution that they were making before. A modification of child support may be necessary. Changes to support may also be necessary in order to accommodate a child's health insurance if health insurance was not a part of the original child support order. Whether the need for support modification comes from a substantial change in the parent's circumstances or a substantial change in the child's life, a Divorce Attorney should be contacted as soon as possible to help address the issues involved.

In order to ensure that child support will be modified, one must be able to prove that a substantial change in circumstance has occurred. This may be in the form of income increase or decrease, child care costs (these sometimes lessen with age),or a child turning 18 years old. However, this change of circumstances can't simply be claimed; they must be proven in order to effect change. You and your attorney will need to provide documents – for example, pay stubs, affidavits, itemized bills, etc. – before the claims will be taken seriously and acted upon accordingly.

The conditions set forth in a child custody agreement, whether it was established at the time of a divorce or in lieu of a marriage, are not permanent forever. There is always room for a modification if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. At The Bostick Law Firm, P.A. we can help you establish a substantial change.

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