Mediation Services

Natasha P. Bostick, is a certified family law mediator.  Although mediation is required in all Florida divorce cases, it is voluntary and non-adversarial, meaning each side has an opportunity to be heard. Through mediation, a divorcing, divorced or unmarried couple is assisted in reaching an agreement, with the help of their attorney and an impartial professional called a mediator. Natasha Bostick will help both people and their attorneys discuss their desires so that an acceptable agreement can be established without the need to go to trial. If you would like more information about mediation, please schedule a consultation.

Mediation can have great financial benefits because it is less expensive than litigation. In order for a mediation to be successful, there are certain elements that have to be present. There must be full financial disclosure to ensure that both parties can enter into a good faith negotiation. Natasha Bostick has been specially trained in mediation in order to ensure that both sides have an equal voice, regardless of whether a person holds significantly more power and money.


At The Bostick Law Firm, P.A. , we understand the difficulties involved in Family Law cases. When you want to avoid litigation on a matter involving money, property, children or other marital issues, our law firm can arrange for mediation that can be much more beneficial and cost-effective than going to trial. Our greatest concern is to obtain successful results and offer personal attention to our clients. Mediation is an excellent alternative to litigation in divorce and paternity proceedings.


Because litigation can become so costly, Natasha P. Bostick founded the AlphaOmega Mediation Center as a way to reduce the costs of litigation.  Contact Natasha P. Bostick as soon as possible to explore this option. 


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