DV Injunction

What is an Injunction?

An injunction is a court order sometimes called a "Restraining Order" that directs a person not to have any contact with you. It is one legal means of helping to protect a person from threats or acts of violence by another person. There are four (4) kinds of civil injunction petitions that can be filed: domestic violence, sexual violence, dating violence, and repeat violence. Each type has different requirements based on your relationship with the other person and what occurred.

An Injunction Was Entered Against Me. What Does It Mean?

If an injunction has been entered against you, it means that the judge has ordered you to have no contact with the petitioner. This includes any form of contact (i.e. letters, cards, phone calls, e-mail, text messages, etc.) not expressly authorized by the judge. Read the injunction carefully, as it may have special requirements such as your participation in a batterers' intervention program. It may also specify arrangements for you to obtain any personal belongings that the petitioner may have of yours.

Domestic Violence: Physical and Mental Abuse

  • When a spouse, parent, or child has been exposed to abuse, there are many issues that must be addressed by the parties, attorneys, and the court. At all times, the best interest of the children should be taken into account.
  • In order to obtain an Domestic Violence Injunction, the petitioner must meet the requirements of the Florida Statute 741.30, which include:  an Order of Protection or Restraining Order may be needed to protect you and your children. Please contact The Bostick Law Firm to discuss your options.
  • Unfortunately, there are times when one parent falsely accuses the other parent of harassment or abuse in order to obtain sole custody of the children or to gain an advantage in a Family Law case. Please contact The Bostick Law Firm to discuss your options.

Marital Assets

If your spouse is taking money out of marital accounts, transferring funds, selling property, and closing accounts,it may be necessary to request a court order restraining him or her from doing so without your signature or court order.

Possession of Marital Residence

One party may be awarded exclusive possession of the marital residence if his/her physical or mental well-being is in jeopardy.

Custody of Children

During a domestic violence injunction, one parent may be given sole custody of the children of the parties. Contact The Bostick Law Firm to determine how to obtain visitation or how to fight the domestic violence injunction.