Child Support

Calculating, Modifying, and Enforcing

Courts make the support of the minor children a priority and will follow the minimum support guidelines provided in the Florida Child Support Guidelines.

When setting support, the court will consider the financial resources of both parents. The financial disclosure forms provide the court, attorneys, and parties with a complete picture of each household’s income and expenses.

Temporary support can be set during the dissolution proceedings even if the parties have not reached an agreement regarding timesharing.

Child support is an aspect of divorce and paternity cases that changes over time and often becomes a contested issue. If the parents’ income has substantially changed since the setting of the prior child support order, either party may petition the court to ask for a modification.

A parent who is experiencing problems obtaining child support payments in a timely fashion can request that the court enter a Income Withholding Order. The order requires the non-custodial parent’s employer to deduct the child support directly from the parent’s check and the employer will send the funds directly to the the Florida State Disbursement Unit. The Florida State Disbursement Unit will send the funds to the requesting spouse.

If the non-custodial parent is behind in support payments, the court can find that party in contempt of court and order child support arrearages to be paid.

In paternity cases, the parents are often dealing with child support orders entered by the Florida Department of Revenue. When representing the custodial parent, The Bostick Law Firm will work with you to ensure that the minor children are getting the maximum support allowed. When representing the non-custodial parent, The Bostick Law Firm will ensure that there is full disclosure of the income of the custodial parent and that the non-custodial parent is receiving all deductions and necessary credits

The courts have the power to order a parent to either carry medical insurance for the children or to contribute to the children’s medical premiums. The court can also order each parent to contribute towards the payments of extracurricular expenses, child care expenses, and uninsured medical expenses.

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